When it comes to property management at Dunvegan Real Estate, we pride ourselves on strong communication with Landlords and tenants alike. We believe establishing relationships built on trust and integrity is a key factor in achieving maximum returns on your investment.

Frequently asked questions:

How much will it cost for you to manage my property?

The real question is, how much will I ‘save’ having the right team to manage my property?

With Darwin experiencing high vacancy periods and declining rent returns, it is important to have a dedicated property manager who will listen and communicate with you 100%.

This is a great opportunity for you to call us and discuss how to get the best possible return on your investment.

How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

We commence advertising your property the moment you place it in our capable hands.  Our leasing agent will be communicating with you throughout the leasing process.  You will be kept up-to-date on the current market and will be provided with regular feedback to ensure there is no advertising time wasted.  Your property will be advertised on our website as well as

The average rental property is advertised for more than 47 days on the market, however, Dunvegan have been achieving better results than this.

There are often seasonal factors to consider, as well as fluctuations in supply and demand caused by economic forces outside our control.  Having said this, we devote all available resources into getting you the most suitable tenant, in the shortest time possible for the highest possible rent.

How do you select quality tenants?

If we wouldn’t put them in our own home, we certainly wouldn’t be placing them in yours.

We have a proven track record of selecting and recommending excellent tenants for our properties. 

Our Leasing Agent is skilled in obtaining accurate character assessments.  

In addition to this, our tenant screening consists of:

  • The completion of a very detailed Application Form.
  • Thorough checking of all information provided in the Application such as proof of income, employment, previous tenancies and character references.
  • A search of the National Tenancy Database (TICA)

Do I have to insure the property?

Yes. You must maintain your own insurance cover on the building, contents and public liability.

Dunvegan Real Estate require landlord insurance to be in place on all management properties.  You are welcome to have Landlord Insurance with any provider, however, we recommend going with a landlord insurance specialist. 

The tenant is responsible for his or her own personal effects.

How promptly do you process your monthly rent statements and pay me my money?

Fees (management and annual fees) are simply deducted from the rent received and then the balance is dispersed to you at the end of each month (we are also able to disperse funds each MID month if you require). 

What happens if the tenant doesn't pay the rent on time?

Here at Dunvegan Real Estate we promote a ‘zero tolerance’ to rent arrears.  To ensure tenants are prompt with rental payments we monitor arrears on a daily basis.

We have firm rental procedures in place that have proven to be effective in minimising rental arrears.   Dunvegan boasts extremely low rental arrears and we can attribute this to both our first rate procedures and the strong relationships we have deliberately built with our tenants.

How often will there be inspections carried out?

Routine inspections of your property will be carried quarterly.  The first inspection will be held in the first eight weeks to ensure the tenancy is running smoothly.

You will receive a written report noting hazard identification, high wear and tear identification and preventative maintenance recommendations with photos in a timely manner after the inspection is carried out. We also leave a feedback form at the property to advise the tenants on our findings.

Do you conduct maintenance without my consent?

No.  All maintenance is discussed with you (or your alternative contact) before anything is actioned. We are able to make recommendations and obtain quotes as agreed, with the best interest of the property being our focus. Our aim is to reduce risks and any ongoing associated problems in the future. We have a large team of trusted, professional and cost effective tradespeople who will carry out high quality and low cost maintenance and repairs as instructed.  You are able to provide details for your own preferred tradesperson at any stage.

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